Integrity can be defined as a strict adherence to ethical or moral standards; honesty. McCormack Financial Planning lives this definition. We will work with you to clearly understand your current situation, your short-term objectives and your long-range goals.


Most financial professionals are conscientious and work hard to serve their clients; at McCormack Financial Planning we go beyond what other financial planners do. Of utmost importance is understanding your clients and how they think, to the point of anticipating their needs. We have the hands-on experience to assist clients in making good personal and business decisions.


At McCormack Financial Planning, we understand that asking someone to help shape your financial future is not a simple or easy decision. Trust must be developed and nurtured. We are dedicated to providing each client with a transparent, customized approach to their financial needs.

Our Firm

As an independent firm, McCormack Financial Planning is dedicated to providing our clients with individualized, trusted investment expertise designed to help them accomplish what they value most. Established in 1998, we have built a reputation for sound money management and dedicated client service through our commitment to provide independent, unbiased financial consulting services and by developing trust, respect and lasting partnerships with our clients that bridge several generations. More…

Why McCormack Financial?

› Focused on the client
› Individualized, unique financial solutions to client needs
› Certified, trusted, objective expertise
› Going beyond what is expected
› Earning Your Trust
› Exceptional service is the norm

Linda Kuehn 5 Star Wealth Manger

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